The Solution

  • Training and equipping local Church’s to serve teen mothers through a “Teen Mother Choices” Program that has been in existence for over 27 years
  • Demonstrating the love of Christ with grace, truth and accountability
  • Providing each teen mother with a Christian Mentor
  • Empowering teen mothers to become independent functioning members in their community and staying off government assistance
  • Lifeskills Workshops™ based on Biblical principles including Parenting Skills, Monthly Budgeting, Job Skills, Goal Setting, Educational Guidance and many more
  • Assisting with the cost of childcare or transportation to empower the teen mothers to complete their education and/or work full-time
  • Commitment to delay further pregnancies while enrolled in the Teen Mother Choices Program
  • Breaking strongholds and generational cycles that will impact both the lives of the teen mothers and their children


    Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI) is a training and
    consulting ministry with the purpose of equipping churches,
    existing organizations and individuals who desire to develop
    a Teen Mother Choices Program in their communities. TMCI
    provides those interested in starting a Teen Mother Choices
    Program with a comprehensive training program beginning
    at the research stages (a Feasibility Study) to fully
    implementing a complete program for teen moms and their

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    For over 27 years Teen Mother Choices have empowered teen
    mothers to become independent, functioning members of
    society. In 1989, after conducting a 10-month Feasibility Study,
    Christa March began serving teen moms and their children
    through her home church in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The
    program was called Teen Mother Choices. Teen Mother Choices
    served young moms between the ages of 13-23 years and used
    the volunteer and financial support of Christa's home church
    and surrounding churches to serve teen moms.

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What Teen Moms Say About Teen Mother Choices

1992 Teen Mom

"I joined Teen Mother Choices and they became my family!”

1992 Teen Mom

2006 Teen Mom

"TMC changed my life...I became a born again Christian.”

2006 Teen Mom

2010 Teen Mom

"Because of TMC, I never had to go on welfare!"

2010 Teen Mom

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