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Since 1973, God’s people have fought hard to reverse the court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade which legalized abortion. Millions of dollars have been spent advising young women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy to choose life for their precious children. However, little attention has been given to the young women who gave life to their babies and then choose to parent those children. If God’s people, within the local church, truly believe that all life is sacred, why aren’t we spending just as much time and money helping families headed up by teen mothers?  Today in America, about 278,000 teenage girls will give birth and the majority will choose to parent their children.


The Teen Mother Choices Program has empowered teen moms toward independence for over 27 years, and through its Teen Mother Choices International Training Process we are ready to train you to make an impact in the lives of the teen moms in your community!



Some of the training you will receive includes:

  • Training and supervising caring Mentors
  • Providing weekly Lifeskills Workshops™
  • Assisting teen mothers as they identify and work towards set goals
  • Discovering the missing service – the “Hook Service” – that hinders teen mothers in your community from becoming independent and learning how you can provide that practical service (Childcare, Transportation, GED assistance, etc.)


Now that you know YOU and YOUR CHURCH can be the SOLUTION for teen moms in your community … LET’S GET STARTED!

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