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Should God be leading you to begin a Teen Mother Choices Program in your community, the third and final step in your training is, The Teen Mother Choices International Licensee Director Manual.  As with your Feasibility Study, the same Training Coach will assist you through all the steps it will take to get your program up and running.  We will provide you with access to our online Licensee Director Manual.  Before receiving access to the Licensee Director Manual we will email you a copy of the TMCI Licensee Agreement and Copyright Agreement for you to sign and return along with your payment.



The cost to become a Teen Mother Choices International Licensee is $2,700. This fee includes:

  • The Licensee Director Manual has all the information and instruction you will need to develop a Teen Mother Choices Program. The manual also contains a plethora of ready-to-print forms and applications for your future teen moms, mentors, board members and volunteers as well an extended list of resources for Lifeskills Workshops™.  Included in the Licensee Director Manual are training materials for:
    • Understanding Teen Mothers
    • Basic Administration
    • Raising Awareness
    • Fundraising
    • Developing Mentors
    • Managing Volunteers
    • From Application to Graduation
    • Setting Goals with Teen Mothers
    • Developing Lifeskills Workshops™
  • Training Coach- Step-by-step guidance, support and encouragement from your Training Coach. It will take approximately 9 – 12 months to complete the TMCI Licensee Director Manual.
  • Turn-Key Marketing Materials- TMCI understands the arduous process in starting a program and wants to make it a turn-key process for all Teen Mother Choices Licensee’s. TMCI has professionally created all of the following marketing materials listed below in order to help all Licensees with additional costs related to creating a new website and other promotional items. Each Licensee is only responsible for any additional re-designing and printing costs. Our goal is for all Teen Mother Choices Licensees to have consistency in message and display an excellent level of professionalism throughout their community.  Promotional Materials include but are not limited to:
    • Teen Mother Choices Website
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • Various printed material such as Tri-fold brochure
    • Newsletter Templates
    • Promotional Boards and Banners

Our desire is for you to be successful in reaching the teen moms in your community and partnering with Teen Mother Choices International will help set you off in the right direction!

For more information to become a TMCI Licensee contact us at training@tmcint.org.