The following are a few testimonies that have been collected over the 27 years of running the Teen Mother Choices program.  This proven program continues to attest to the impact it has in the young mothers and their children’s lives through the love, grace and accountability of Jesus Christ.  Over this period of time, many generational cycles have been broken, the teen mothers feel loved and as part of a greater family, and none of them are on welfare.  Many goals are reached including graduating from high school and continuing on with vocational training or their college education, and are now impacting their own community!

Currently, prior participants or “Alumni” are volunteering and serving in the programs to Pay-It-Forward!  They are also reaching back to Teen Mother Choices International for training to open the ministry, so they too can love and support other teen mothers in need and help them succeed!





2000-teenmomgraduateYear 1989 – Teen Mom Quote

“…as being one of those teen moms I would compare it to the start of my family’s legacy. Because I was able to graduate, go on to college and fully support my family it trickled down to my children who saw their “teen” mother not only survive but succeed; as a result, my children were not only taught success but they grew up witnessing it… Teen Mother Choices was there when NO ONE else was!



Year 1992 – Teen Mom Quote

“When I got pregnant I thought my boyfriend and I would be a family for our baby.  Our baby came and my boyfriend left.  I joined Teen Mother Choices and they became my family!






Year 1996 – Teen Mom Quote

“I had my daughter when I was 16 years old.  Because of the help and support we both got from Teen Mother Choices, my daughter is going to be a nurse instead of a teen mom.



2000teenmomYear 2000 – Teen Mom Quote

“By the time I was 19 years old, I had three kids.  After my third baby, I joined Teen Mother Choices.  When they told me I had to go back to school, I freaked out!  I dropped out of school when I was a freshman in high school.  Teen Mother Choices helped me go back to school and paid for my childcare.  It took almost 5 years but I graduated and got a full-time job!  Today, me and my kids are completely off welfare!



2006-teenmomYear 2006 – Teen Mom Quote

“Teen Mother Choices changed my life, people around me and my son whose life was also impacted. I also still am blessed to have and be in touch with my mentor. I adopted another family and I know they adopted me too. I also became a born again Christian which is a big thing because I was non-believer.






Year 2010 – Teen Mom Quote

“My friends who are teen moms and aren’t a part of Teen Mother Choices, are all on welfare. I joined the program right after my baby was born, and because they helped me with childcare and so many other things, I never had to go on welfare!


Meet Latrice. . . 
1989- First Teen Mom Participant

Latrice was the first teen mother ever served through a Teen Mother Choices Program. In this video, Latrice shares her experience and her gratitude for the many who helped her succeed

Meet Laura. . . 
Teen Mom Alumni

Laura shares her experience of being a part of a Teen Mother Choices Program!

Meet Tyler . . .
Grown Son From a Teen Mom Alumni

At the age of 16, Natalie gave birth and made the choice to parent her precious son Tyler. In this video, Tyler writes a letter to his mother thanking her for being a loving mother and role model.